Flooded Screen Prints (FSP) respects your privacy and your information.

Website Visitors

Like most websites, FSP collects non-identifying information about our website visitors for the purpose of analytics. This may include things like country of origin, browser type, etc. FSP uses this data on a large scale to track what types of people are visiting our website, where they are coming from, and how they use the site. This can help us improve the website and better meet the needs of our visitors. FSP does not collect any personally identifying information from you without your permission.

Promotional Products

In order to send out promotional products, FSP may ask for your name, email address, company name, and/or physical address. We will only ask you for information that helps us stay in contact with you and get your promotional products delivered, and we won't distribute this information outside of FSP for any reason.

My Account

FSP needs a certain set of information to create and maintain your customer account. We will only ask you for information that allows us to work with you successfully. We store your information securely and we won't misuse it.

Ordering Process

If you're ordering through My Account or as a guest, FSP may need information about you and/or your company to properly create and ship your order. We will also need to collect payment information if you want to pay by card or bank account. FSP will respect and keep your information secure, and FSP does not store payment information directly. We use or to securely store payment information, then FSP keeps a reference key on file.