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We Can Still Get To Work!

One thing that makes Flooded Screen Prints truly unique is that every shirt is hand printed in-house. Each shirt is printed using only water base inks and the finest apparel.

The best things is, I now offer the same great quality printing to you with my custom printing services. If your interested in working together to produce a quality shirt please email at  hello@floodedscreenprints.com today to get started.

Exclusively Printing Using:

  • Water Based Ink – Creates the softest possible print with little to no hand feel on the shirt. Provides superior softness and is eco-friendly.
  • Pigment Discharge – Recommended for darker colored garments. Creates a soft superior feel similar to waster base, but gives a brighter print on darker colors. This process effects garments differently depending on the cotton fiber makeup. You will get solid bright prints on 100% cotton and more vintage prints on cotton/poly or tri-blends.

 Please send the answers to the following questions for the most accurate quote. 

  • How many shirts would you like to print?
  • How many print colors is the design? (attach the design if possible)
  • How many print locations? (front chest, back, sleeve, ect.)
  • Do you have a specific brand of shirt in mind?